This Knee Patch Designed For Stubborn Knee Pain Has Saved 1 Million Americans

By Alex Smith le 25 avril 2023
in Health Tech

Your knees are like hinges on a door — Over time they get worn out and ‘rusty’.

Healthy knees usually have cushioning and lubrication between the joints. This allows the bones in your knees to glide smoothly like a well-oiled machine.

However, after years of walking, running, bending down and other movements, this cushioning wears away. And the lubricant that makes sure your joints glide dries out like a lake in a drought.

What you’re left with are exposed, ‘crumbly’ knee joints that rub and grind against each other — making them more like old chalk than bone.

In fact, 1 in 3 people Suffer From Knee Pain, which may eventually rob them of their mobility and freedom.

You may have tried everything to manage your condition – physical therapy, knee braces, pain relievers, and massages. Nothing worked. Even having an expensive $45,000 total knee replacement had a 50-50 chance of working or making the problem much worse.

But now, a breakthrough pain relief patch, approved by Harvard University, is helping people beat the statistics and even avoid knee surgery.

It's Time To Get Serious About Your Knees

The thing with bone-on-bone knee grinding is it won’t get better on its own. And unfortunately, the #1 cause of knee problems is ageing — so it’s unavoidable. One of the few things that may help is exercise and movement.

But how can you move your knees when you’re in pain?

Well, the new JointGurus patch may now be possible to soothe and support your knees to allow pain-free movement again.

These patches were first discussed on an internal forum at Harvard University, as they were developed and approved by the University, and retired professors were its first users.

From the forum, using cutting-edge technology and the latest scientific research, JointGurus is designed to help recreate the movement of a healthy, strong knee. They fit perfectly in the knee joint and provide movement support while relieving pain quickly, without shifting or slipping at all, and are designed for rehabilitation.

You just need to peel off the protective layer and stick the middle layer of this self-adhesive layer on the knee.  

Volunteer Test Records Released by Harvard University

Here's a real 60 days experience of the volunteers from Harvard University…

The following are the original quotes from several volunteers of different ages.

"The first thing I noticed when I put them on was a pleasant warm being applied to my knees…It was like someone was giving me a blissful massage. Within a few minutes, my pain began to melt away"
"By the end of the day, they were hardly noticeable"

"Yesterday I had a great day of running my errands without serious knee pain for the first time in a long time. And I didn't wake up during the night, I feel well-rested. Unsure if the Knee Pain Relief Patch is working?"
"I wore my patches during sleep at night and felt the difference for three days.  I could even play pickleball through a small amount of pain, but I still had my doubts." 

"My knees feel SO much better, I was able to play hide and go seek with my grandkids AND go shopping with my girlfriends. I believe the Knee Pain Relief Patch is working now!"
"The discomfort in my knees has subsided to just an occasional very light throb here and there, and I have still been walking every single day and being active. I've even noticed that I'm comfortable standing for long periods!"

"I was seeing continual improvement, but my knees were still a little stiff and achy. On the bright side, I was able to play pickleball three days a week, so I kept wearing my patches."

"After one month, the pain had decreased and so had the swelling and inflammation. "
"I've been able to spend more time with my family and friends. My husband is amazed by my transformation and says I'm acting like my 25-year-old self again. We've even been going dancing and having more date nights. No more staying at home because of my knee pain. I am a believer! Knee Pain Relief Patches are amazing!"

"By the end of the two months, my knees began to feel like new. "

Over 100 Harvard experimenters have shown the effectiveness of the patch in 2 months of real-life use. So if you suffer one of the following symptoms JointGurus is right for you:

● Trouble Walking
● Standing In Pain
● Grinding, Popping, Or Crunching Sounds
● ​Aching, Swollen, And Pulsing Knees (especially in the morning)
● ​Inflamed Knee Joint Pain
● Constantly Having To Take Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
● Arthritis
● Overweight Due To Pain
● ​Low Energy Levels
● Warmth And Redness When Touching Your Knees
● ​Feeling Older And Immobile

Regular Medicine Treats Symptoms, JointGurus Gets to the Root of The Problem

Deep Penetrating Heat

JointGurus™ Knee Relief Patches provide deep penetrating heat in the self-adhesive heating patch for your muscle, relax the heat, and help relieve tense muscles.

You can remove the plastic backing from one side of the patch and then apply it to the painful area.

The patches work in minutes. Within a short amount of time, your muscle and joint will feel comfortable, and the soreness might sometimes disappear completely within a short period.

You can wear the patch for 8-12 hours before removing it. After application, you can gently massage the painful area and relax the muscles.

All-natural Ingredient

JointGurus™ help to regrow healthy cartilage in your knee. The knee patches contain various of natural herbs, such as wormwood, dried ginger, menthol, camphor, and more.

The herbs get mixed into a cream, and the cream is added to a hot melt adhesive for the knee. That mixture was perfected into a patch.

The breakthrough formula penetrates deeply into the skin to increase blood flow and force out pain-causing inflammation. Blood provides nutrients to the damaged area to support your body's natural self-healing process. 

How Can I Trust That It Will Work For Me?

JointGurus Knee Relief Patches Kit is fast-acting and you’ll feel the difference within several minutes. If not, simply return them within 30 days for a full refund.

To remove the root of knee pain, we suggest using the patches for 8-12 hours/time, 7 times/week.

They’ll feel so amazing you’ll wonder why you didn’t get them sooner!

And because JointGurus™ Relieve is committed to helping people in pain, they’ve made it affordable for everyone.

If you’d like to get the best price for the patch, you might go to the official retail store. For a limited time, JointGurus Knee Patches are available with a 50% reduction.

It’s easy to see why JointGurus™ has over 1,000,000 happy customers.

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